Starting A Business: Creating your logo!

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August 27, 2012 by entrepreneurapproach

Last Friday was the second meeting I have had with Firebrand, a design company in Dunedin city, New Zealand. The first was to discuss a quote for the brand development of my start-up business, and gauge a general idea of what they offered as part of their services. The second meeting was to further discuss the development of my businesses new brand and logo.

This is the step I have taken after protecting everything I can for the brand. Getting the logo designed and brand positioning established is probably one of the most important steps in creating a successful business. You need to ensure that you get this part right.

In this situation, I have decided to splash out and employ firebrand, a design company to design my brand and logo. Although they are the ones coming up with the design work, the important information comes from me.

So how can you be the most important player in the design process?

You are the one with the idea, and the knowledge of what you are offering to the consumer. The way that you play a vital role is portraying to your best skill what you want your brand to communicate to the consumer.

This communication aspect is important as it either turns away or attracts your customer. The brand needs to communicate what your business is offering on a visual, verbal or text basis. For the design business to understand your offering you need to come up with a comprehensive design brief.

A design brief covers things such as, what your business is, why you started it, what your business offers and who your target market is. This design brief will be the document that the design business will work off of, so this needs to be no less than perfect.


Here is a template of the design brief that I made up for firebrand:


Company Name:

The title says it all, here you will just write down your trading name.


Project Summary:

The project summary is where you will explain to the design team what you hope to get out of using their services. It will also act as an executive summary where you will sum up the contents of the design brief.


Communication Objective:

This part is probably the most important. It will explain what you want your brand to communicate to your consumers. Making sure that this is detailed and covered in depth will give the design company a solid understanding of what they need to design in order to meet your wants.


Target Market:

Here the target market needs to be identified. You need to show that you have an understanding of what your consumers look like with things such as age, where they live, what they buy, what stage in the lifecycle they are in, do they study or work full time? All these demographics allow you to be more specific with your brand image and how to make this image appeal to your consumer.


Other Information:

I added in a last section that was a bit miscellaneous. I just wrote down anything that I thought may have been of help at all to the design team.

  • Tip 1: Always get a quote from a variety of design companies when looking at getting a logo designed and ask what services they offer alongside the design work.
  • Tip 2: Be helpful, come up with a design brief to help the design company understand what your business is.
  • Tip 3: Set up a time to meet, don’t just send in your design brief, discussing the brief will get any questions answered and anything not understandable made clear.

The next step for me is to wait for the branding to be completed. They said it would take about a week, so I will have a new post up about how the meeting went and any feedback I can give you about it in a weeks time.

However, don’t leave for a week! I will be writing up some information about marketing that you may find usefull from my degree. I am currently majoring in marketing with a minor in management, so anything I think you would benefit from I will post as I learn it.

Thanks for Reading!



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