Starting A Business: Being Young!


August 28, 2012 by entrepreneurapproach

The number that follows your name is something that a lot of people judge you on. If your number is too high, people think you wont be active, wont want to be outdoors and do something exciting they just assume youll want to sit down all day and read a book. If your number is too low, people think you are immature, your favourite thing to do is to cause havoc and that you don’t understand the ‘real world’.

This is something I have had to come to terms with, is that a lot of people don’t take young people seriously when it comes to starting a business. They think that experiene is the only true determining factor to a successful business person. Yet they fail to see who the person is they are dealing with.

Hopefully you can understand that I am talking about age. Age is something we have used to calculate ones level within society for hundreds of years. We have laws that govern what things you can do at a certain age for different reasons. And most of the time, these laws are in place to help keep people safe and healthy. But somehow, we have gotten the notion that age represents someones capability to start a business.

Especially in todays modern, technological society, some people still feel as though youth are too inexperienced and uncapable of running a business. Look at two of the biggest businesses in the world, google and Facebook, both were started by young people who had to struggle with convincing others about their capability. Now they most likely employ those people!

If you are a young person trying to start up your own venture, stick with it and keep persisting. The biggest attribute people will pick up from you is being proactive. Its something I value very highly and something you cannot have too much of.

Believe in yourself and your idea. Youll take things a lot further if you believe in your idea, because you will find it easier to convince others that it’s a great idea.

Do your research. Research backs up anything and makes it look damn good. IF you have the facts and figures to support your business idea, people will have a hard time not taking you seriously.

This is what got me along way with my first business idea. I made sure that before I went and told people further than my circle of friends, I did as much research and as much phone calling as I could to make sure that I had covered every little detail. And when I was asked questions, I had all the answers.

Remember a few tips:

Tip 1: Believe in yourself, Others will soon follow.

Tip 2: Be proactive, I cannot stress this enough, being proactive means you get things done, and people like when things get done.

Tip 3: Do your research, Show that you know what you are talking about, and that you understand your market, your business environment and your businesses strengths and weaknesses

Thanks for Reading!


2 thoughts on “Starting A Business: Being Young!

  1. Inspimind says:

    This post of yours is very good and spot on.

    • Thank you very much! its something that i can relate to as i myself, am 19 years old, and because of this number, i get a lot of second thoughts as to my competence. Sounds bad :/ but a lot of the time its the truth. However, its something that we young people cannot let keep us down, its merely a small obstacle in the road to success!

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