Starting A Business: Expanding your idea!


August 28, 2012 by entrepreneurapproach

So you’ve come up with that fantastic new idea and you think that its going to be a hit. Trouble is, you don’t know where to go from there. This is the exact situation I found my self in. it’s a daunting thought trying to figure out who to tell, where to go and what to do to get the idea from being just an idea to on its way to business success!

A benefit for you is I can give you recent accounts of the things that I did to maximize my ideas potential. Although I can’t give you the steps from idea to fully functioning business now, I definitely will continue to as I progress.

First step is to get your idea critiqued. As I have talked about before in a previous post, allowing people to critique your idea is essential. You don’t want to find that after investing a bit of money and hours spent building up your business that there is a flaw in your idea. The earlier you can get the details and logistics of your idea sorted, the better.

I was always nervous to tell people because I was scared of someone finding something completely wrong that would seal the fate of my idea. This is something you have to learn to get over fast, and it never will happen. You will only grow more as a businessman if you are able to solve a problem. That’s right, business is a massive game of problem solving. The better you are at it, the more successful youll be.

just be carefull about who you tell your idea to, unless you have it protected, its wise to keep the idea telling to close relatives or close friends, people you can trust. The last thing you want is someone stealing your idea and making it a success.

Something that has catapulted my progress has been through the involvement in business activities within my local area. Its amazing what you can find if you just spend a short amount of time looking. What I found was several great places were people like me are welcomed with open arms and provided with facilities and members of the public who are able to share their experiences and help me to develop my idea.

It can be a nightmarish thought, about pitching your idea to a bunch of men in business suits who you have no connection with what so ever. But remember that business is all about problem solving, and if they ask a question that you’re not so sure about, go and away and learn the answer. You’ll gain a lot more in failing at something than you will at succeeding, so don’t be afraid and get your idea heard, it could make the difference between a break even business and a profit superstar.

On a final note, the most important thing about starting up a business is being proactive. Without this drive and motivation to get up and do, nothing will get done. This proactive sense of being is something I am lucky to have been taught by my parents, and something I value very highly.

  • Tip 1: Be proactive
  • Tip 2: Get your idea critiqued
  • Tip 3: Search the internet for business help in you local community

I hope that this can help you to expand your idea and make it the success that you want to achieve.

Thanks for Reading!


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