Marketing: Lovemarks!

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September 4, 2012 by entrepreneurapproach

Marketing has always been about how to develop, represent and increase awareness of your brand. Brands are the visual image that represents everything your company stands for.

It has to be attractive, stand out and speak the words that you want customers to capture. They are the vital sign of a business. With out a strong heart, the body is weak, without a strong brand, the company is weak.

By strong brand, i mean a brand that appeals to your consumer market and is familiar and easy to remember. But should we really still be aiming to build a brand?

Have we thought about why a brand appeals to someone? why a brand continues to be at the forefront of someones choice as opposed to the opposition?

It all has to do with a consumers emotional connection to that brand. The stronger the emotional connection, the stronger the brand loyalty. Emotions are the most interesting and powerful tool that we own. We all have different emotions that are we use in a variety of situations.

How can we interrelate the two? well thats easy!

It all has to do with Lovemarks. Im not talking about the mark you get on the side of your neck after a heated moment with someone you like. No, this Lovemark i am talking about is the next level of a brand.

Creating a lovemark stems from a brand. It has to have a base on which a companies values are portrayed visually. From here, we need to build walls around it, to secure these values. A way to describe this is through the old tale of the three little pigs. I bet you were always attracted to the house made of bricks as opposed to the stick and hay houses right? why? because the wolf couldn’t blow it down.

Although the houses all contained the same things, but the brick house appealed to you because it supported itself more than the others. Just like a lovemark. A lovemark contains a brand, but has solid walls around it which welcome you and exceed your needs.

“The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions. More emotion equals more action.”

Lovemarks become more than just a brand to consumers. They become an extension of their personality. This is something important to remember, as it is the determining factor between a brand and a lovemark.

How can a business create a lovemark?

Find out what your market does before, during and after they use your product and service and adapt services to cater to these. That way you build a greater experience around your product.

Learn to create subcultures that stem from your brand. Facebook groups are a great, simple and cheap way to do this. Forming subcultures gets people into conversations about your brand, your product and associated material.

Learn about your market and create stimulating campaigns that tug at those heart strings, make their emotions rush. To appeal to your customers you need to think like your customers.

For more information check out this link!

Happy Reading!


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