Marketing: 14 Strategies for Brands (Part 1)

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September 8, 2012 by entrepreneurapproach

There is a fantastic marketing book that is definitely worth a read if you want to expand the awareness, longevity or loyalty to your brand. Its called ‘Brands that rock’ written by Roger Blackwell and Tina Stephan. It explains different strategies on how to increase your brand and gain a competitive advantage.

There are 14 strategies that they list that have the potential to increase your brands image. I want to discuss all 14, but will be doing it in parts to give you a thorough view of them all.

So lets get started!

1: Create an emotional connection with your customers; nurture it over time.

Research your target market. Find out what makes them buy your products, find out what they like, what they do, why they do it. Look into their psychological behaviour, for what reasons do they buy in conjunction with the consumer purchase decision process.

All these questions will help you to better engage your audience. The better you can engage and understand your audience, the more effective your campaigns will be in attracting their attention, and as i have mentioned in previous posts, the biggest exchange you can gain for our expenses is a consumers time and attention.


Because your ads become more cost effective. If you have no ones time or attention, your are just paying money for a space, and not utilizing that space. You also gain competitive advantage over your competitors. But just make sure you use their time wisely. Thats right, use THEIR time wisely. Your time doesn’t matter. You can spend your time how and when you like, but you have little control over a consumers.

Then what?

Keep their attention. After asking these questions and gaining answers, use these answers to work out strategies to keep their focus and attention. Follow up with post sales service as well. This will help to reinforce your brand long after they have purchased your product or used your service. It is said that it is 8 times more costly to gain a new customer than to keep an old customer. So why would you end the marketing strategies at the transaction point?. The transaction point is only the beginning to a great company/consumer relationship.

2: Build brand loyalty, One fan group at a time.

Every brought something you really liked because you like the culture that it represents? have you ever brought an item because you can associate with the group of people that share the same passions as you?

If your not sure what i am talking about, i will explain.

A lot of products in todays society have a fan group around them. The marketing team for Rip curl for example, has built a surfer sub culture around their brand. if you are a surfer, and you had two choices out of a t-shirt, Rip curl or Nike, you would 9 times out of 10 choose Rip curl. Why? because you can associate with the culture around that brand.

But why is this so important for a brand.

Well that all has to do with the most effective and hardest marketing strategy to implement, Word of mouth.

Word of mouth is the most trusted source of advertising their is. For a brand to have positive word of mouth means enormous sale growth. Brands are able to do this by figuring out who their sub culture is.

When a brand builds up its subculture, it minimizes its marketing costs. This is due to the fact that brand loyalty increases, meaning a higher number of return customers.

Ever heard of Apple? course you have!

You are probably reading this blog on a mac right now! and i guess you have just received a text message on your iPhone right now? and you have a report for your work waiting on your iPad? and are uploading some new songs onto your iPod?

Are you seeing something here? Apple has one of the most loyal fans in the world. They have been able to build up such a strong brand image that once people buy one product, they have to buy the rest! its all about creating that sub culture behind their brand.

How is a brand able to achieve such levels of brand loyalty?

Well as far as Apple goes, it would be difficult to obtain the level that they have. However, you can increase yours with a few simple marketing strategies.

Once again it comes down to research. You need to understand what your consumer group likes to do that is associated with your product. Once you know this answer, you are able to adapt your brand around this activity.

Running a blog about people who are passionate about your brand and have a passion that is associated with your brand is a great way to get consumers involved in a discussion about your business and the products you offer. This can the be shared onto other social media where it will grow at a phenomenal rate.

So i will leave it at there for this post! I’m sure there is plenty that you can take away from this article. Hopefully it has given you a bit of an sight into what ways you can increase your brand loyalty.

What have you done to increase your brand awareness? and how successful has social media been for your brand?

Happy Reading!


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